Academic Rodeo

(Moderator/Announcer Jennifer Kielman (back) is pictured with AAUW Members Andie Rathbone, Sandra Owens and Diane Kavanaugh at the Academic Rodeo Spelling Bee).

In 1994 the AAUW Tyler Chapter began a partnership with the East Texas State Fair to co-sponsor the Academic Rodeo.  This program showcases the talents of young people through events such as a spelling bee, challenge quiz, essay contest, and an art contest (among others).

Academic Rodeo will be held on Saturday, January 15, 2022. Volunteers from AAUW Tyler participate in the annual spelling bee as judges and rodeo rangers, assisting the elementary age spellers get seated, stay organized, and remain calm.

For more information, visit the East Texas State Fair’s website or contact our Academic Rodeo Chair Angie Whitehead.