AAUW Texas Opposes Senate Bill 7

Dear AAUW of Texas Members,
The right of access to the ballot box is a fundamental right of our democracy. Our Texas State Senate is currently discussing Senate Bill 7 which includes several proposals that would make voting in Texas more difficult. Our friends at the League of Women Voters Texas invite you to use the following tools to join them in opposing these changes.
SB 7 was introduced two weeks ago and is already coming up for a hearing on Monday, March 22nd! Some of the items in it are: persons who use mail in ballots (especially those over 65) will now be required to make a copy of their driver’s license or state ID and enclose that copy along with their ballot. Another provision will allow election judges at the polls to carry concealed weapons. Curbside voting for the disabled will become even more difficult. The list goes on. We are sharing a number of links that the League has created and given us permission to use and to share with other organizations.
Gloria Long, President
Pat Rehm, President Public Policy Chair
Community Outreach for Action From the LWV: